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However, the public also has access to the registry through sex offender websites.

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Each state has its own registry. Maryland enacted its statewide sex offender registry in Requirements about who must register and what information they must provide and what information the public can see can varies by state.

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Maryland sex offender registry laws apply to defendants who have received a conviction for rape and other sex crimes. Maryland sex offenders must register at the law enforcement agency in the city or town where he or she lives immediately after being released into the community.

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He or she usually must re-register as frequently as every three months for a Tier III offense such as rape or every six months for a Tier II offense such as distributing or manufacturing child pornography or the sexual solicitation of a minor or every six months for a Tier I offense such as possession of child pornography. It is unclear whether that will be automatic or if offenders must request being scrubbed from the list.

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Maryland Sex Offender Registry Laws

However, this isn't always true in the case of sex crimes. In Maryland, everyone convicted of sexually based offenses must register as sex offenders. Maryland sex offender registration laws apply to anyone convicted of a sexual offense. In addition to being found guilty at trial, the law's definition of "convicted" also includes entering a guilty or "no contest" plea, being granted probation before judgment and being found not criminally responsible by reason of insanity.

Maryland's sex offender registration laws also apply to people who were convicted of sex crimes in other states and later moved to Maryland.

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  7. Non-Maryland residents who seek to work or go to school in the state must register as well. In some cases, a Maryland sex crimes defense attorney can help people charged with sexually based offenses avoid sex offender registration.

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    This can be a significant benefit, given the fact that registered sex offenders must disclose so much personal information to the public. Every registered Maryland sex offender has a public profile that lists the following information:. Depending on the severity of the crime committed, the offender will be required to register for either 15 years, 25 years or life. The Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services publishes a list of sex offenses and their corresponding severity tiers.