How to get a felony off your record

If an individual has been wrongfully convicted or accused of a crime, they can request that those records be sealed. AZ Arizona Record Expungement Allows more juvenile records than adult records to be expunged, only if charges were dismissed, defendant was acquitted or conviction was overturned.

Convictions cannot be expunged. There is a five-year waiting period for certain crimes such as battery, indecent exposure, domestic battery, and others. You are entitled to only one expungement to have your records sealed. CA California Record Expungement One year waiting period after you have complied and completed your sentence, including probation.

Cannot be serving a sentence for another crime, or be charged with another crime. Most felonies are excluded, including those where time was served in a state prison. If a conviction requires you to register as a sex offender, you must continue to do so even after expungement.

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Adults can seal records for both misdemeanor and felony offenses after a 10 year waiting period in most cases. CT Connecticut Record Expungement Most arrest records are automatically expunged after a certain period of time. Juvenile records are confidential and not available to the public without a court order. Expungement waiting period is 3 years for misdemeanor convictions and 5 years for felonies. Many exceptions including sex offenses, unlawful imprisonment and others.

May petition the courts for discretionary expungement in the form of a pardon if you were convicted. FL Florida Record Expungement Expungement available only if no convictions or have not pled guilty to any type of criminal offense. Expungement one time only. Certain adult records if it can be shown convictions were reversed or case dismissed. Must not have any charges pending or convicted in the previous five years.

Other restrictions apply. HI Hawaii Record Expungement Most arrest records can be expunged if you have been acquitted or charges dismissed. Cannot expunge most convictions.

California Felony Expungement

Non-violent first time drug offenses are an exception. Waiting periods apply. Idaho does not differentiate between expungement and record sealing. IL Illinois Record Expungement Arrests and convictions can be expunged, depending on the type of crime. Most can be expunged after 2 years of court supervision. Others require a 5 year waiting period. Does not apply to DUIs. Expungement available only for first time offenders. Most convictions cannot be expunged. KS Kansas Record Expungement Most juvenile court records can be expunged after a 2 year waiting period or reaching 23 years old.

Must have no pending criminal cases. Some adult and conviction records may be eligible after meeting required waiting periods. KY Kentucky Record Expungement Most juvenile misdemeanor records, but not felony convictions can be expunged. Requires a 2 year waiting period and a clean record.

Some adult Class D felony records qualify after a 5 year waiting period upon completion of probation or parole. Misdemeanor convictions can be expunged except for child abuse and sexual offenses. Some convictions may be expunged after a waiting period. Cannot expunge sexual, domestic violence, child-related, most drug-related, and violent offenses. Defendants may request a pardon or challenge inaccurate information.

May request expungement if found not guilty, not prosecuted, case was postponed or settled, or convicted of one non-violent crime. Expungement is not available if there are pending charges or if you are a repeat offender. Firearm and sexual convictions can never be sealed. Juvenile records may be sealed after three years, if no pending charges or subsequent convictions. MI Michigan Record Expungement Juvenile records are destroyed when a sentence is diverted within 28 days after age Adult records may be expunged if convicted for a first time offense, is guilty but not mentally ill, is not convicted of a felony or convicted of a sexual offense.

Must not have any prior convictions.

MN Minnesota Record Expungement Law changed in to include arrest records, misdemeanors and some felonies. You cannot expunge sex offender information. MS Mississippi Record Expungement Juvenile records and first-time misdemeanor convictions can be sealed.

Arrests, misdemeanors and some felonies may be expunged depending on severity of the crime. MO Missouri Record Expungement First-time offenders may seal a record if charges are dismissed, withdrawn or acquitted. MT Montana Record Expungement Expungement can take place if charges are dismissed, withdrawn or acquitted. Most convictions cannot be expunged unless they are overturned or dismissed. NV Nevada Record Expungement Juvenile and adult arrest records can only be sealed with some limitations. Some adult felony and misdemeanors can be expunged, but does not include sexual or child-related offenses.

Many adult arrest, misdemeanor and felony records may be expunged after a waiting period. Must complete a waiting period and must not be convicted. NY New York Record Expungement Arrest and court records can be expunged if you are not guilty or if your case was dismissed. Some traffic infractions may also be expunged.

CA Felony Expungement Law

NC North Carolina Record Expungement Most arrest records and court records can be expunged if found not guilty, or case is dismissed. For serious crimes there is a 15 year waiting period, and not all felonies are eligible. Sexual convictions, hate crimes, vehicular offenses, assault, or most drug-related offenses do not qualify. Adult records can be sealed only for first time offenders. They must not have any pending charges and must have completed their sentence.

How to Get a Job with Criminal Record

OK Oklahoma Record Expungement Expungement available for adult misdemeanor convictions, and felonies that are dismissed, pardoned, or withdrawn. No expungement for violent felony charges or convictions. Adult records can be expunged for most misdemeanor convictions, some felonies and charges dismissed, acquitted or not filed. A ten year waiting period for some instances.

RI Rhode Island Record Expungement Court records and arrests can be expunged if a person is acquitted, dismissed or not filed. Available for first-time offenders only. Can only petition court after a waiting period. Crimes cannot involve sexual offenses, most felonies and those involving a minor. TN Tennessee Record Expungement Expungement for certain types of non-convictions and some convictions on a limited basis. Does not allow for violent or sexual offenses. TX Texas Record Expungement Expungement for arrests that are dismissed or acquitted, and convictions that are later pardoned or reversed after an appeal.

Excludes violent felonies, DUI, sex offenses and capital felonies.

I’d Like to Get a Felony Expunged — Is This Possible?

VT Vermont Record Expungement No expungement for felonies, but does allow for other convictions and arrest records. Applicants must go through a waiting period before petitioning the courts. Most adult convictions are not expunged, but available for non-convictions is certain instances. WA Washington Record Expungement Some convictions can be expunged if a person has completed their sentence, has no pending charges in any state, and passes through a waiting period.

WV West Virginia Record Expungement First-time, pardoned offenders, and young offenders who are not convicted can be eligible for expungement.


Expungement of Criminal Records (CA Penal Code PC)

Not available for DUI, sexual, domestic violence or other violent offenses. This brochure provides information about sealing and destroying court records, vacating convictions, and deleting criminal history records. It is for informational purposes only and not for the purpose of providing legal advice.

You should contact your attorney to obtain advice regarding the subject matter described in this brochure. Courts and law enforcement agencies maintain records of those who are detained, arrested, charged, and convicted or acquitted of crimes. You should also be aware of the Unit Rule and how it may affect your request for an expungement. Generally, you may file for expungement of records relating to a criminal charge if the case ended with:. Your case was started in adult court but was moved to juvenile court.

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If you were initially charged as an adult and your case was transferred to juvenile court, you have two records—a criminal record and a juvenile record. There is a different procedure to follow to expunge a juvenile record. If you were found guilty of one of these charges you may request an expungement no less than three 3 years after the guilty conviction or the satisfactory completion of the sentence, including probation, whichever is later:. If you were found guilty of one of these charges you may request an expungement no less than ten 10 years after the guilty conviction or the satisfactory completion of the sentence, including probation, whichever is later:.

If you were found guilty of one of these charges you may request an expungement no less than fifteen 15 years after the guilty conviction or the satisfactory completion of the sentence, including probation, whichever is later:.